Josh Smith Talent Development / eLearning Portfolio

Hi there! All of my Talent Development / eLearning work to date is the property of previous employers and clients, but you can click below to see some quick examples of the kind of work I do.

eLearning Job Aids ILT

Instructor-Led Training

Personal Finance PowerPoint: a basic PowerPoint lesson I developed. Please note that the emphasis on this design is on the ILT notes in the PowerPoint, which show my style of facilitation. Please note that this content was developed for Windows users, so it might not look quite right on a Mac or an iPad.

Facilitator Guide template: a facilitator guide template I developed (the associated presentation is proprietary and not included). Facilitator guides are useful for instructor-led content where the content should be timed a certain way, there are system walkthroughs, or when a PowerPoint doesn't have detailed facilitator notes.

You can also visit my LinkedIn profile to learn more about my experience.