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5 ways to get the most from your photo session

Let’s face it, family photo sessions are not most people’s favorite thing in the world. Especially when it involves dressing up the kids and then trying to get them to smile and behave for an hour or two. Which means that since we do want those memories to hang onto despite the sometimes difficult process involved, we want the photos to be worth our time and look the best that they can possibly look so that they don’t have to…

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Welcome, Baby Eva!

Baby Eva came into this world on Tuesday, and Maggie and I think she is just perfect! Thanks so much to everyone for the support, gifts, baby supplies, clothing, food for us, well wishes, prayers, and love! We can’t wait to see who she becomes. It was my joy to capture her first moments, and you can bet there will be plenty more baby photos of her in the near future (or you can see more in the even nearer…

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