Here’s what downtown Phoenix looks like at 5am on Saturday

I was able to enjoy my first true attempts at both urban photography and long-exposure photography this past Saturday morning. I loaded up my Pathfinder in Gilbert after a (really good) friend met me in front of my house at 3:45 AM and we made the drive to downtown Phoenix. We arrived when it was still dark – a perfect chance for me to try my hand at long-exposure photography with the light rail. Then I was able to capture…

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Getting into photography doesn’t have to cost you thousands

You’ve probably taken some pretty cool shots on your iPhone. Maybe even received hundreds of Instagram likes on those photos. So, why professional photography? If you aren’t sold, let’s talk about how getting the right camera and learning how to use it will take your photos to an even higher level. Better photo quality: Let’s face it, most photographs coming from a phone don’t look great as a large print or on a high-resolution computer or TV monitor. Better zoom:…

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