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Communication and Brand Voice

If anything is critical in business, it's good communication. The way you (and your employees) talk to your customers is the most obvious application here: If you come across as uninterested, rude, annoyed, hurried, or inconsistent, you will lose customers. This is why developing a brand voice is so important.

Brand voice communicates the underlying characteristics of your products and services, and it promotes consistency in your written communication and the way your employees speak to customers, business partners, stakeholders, and vendors.

I can help you develop a brand voice and guidelines that communicate to everyone what your brand is about while also communicating things like trust and professionalism.

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Style Guide Development

A style guide should be a part of your brand voice if you use a lot of written communication - emails, blog posts, technical writing, social media posts - especially if you have multiple people doing the writing. A style guide is a guide to writing in a way that is consistent and reflects your brand voice - so that customers, clients, and stakeholders can't tell that you have more than one person writing. Or, if it's just you doing the writing, it will help you to learn consistency for yourself as you write.

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More Consulting Areas

Communication and brand voice often go hand-in-hand with other dynamics of business. Learn more about the other areas where I can help:

Coaching and Leadership Development

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Process Improvement

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About Me

Hi! I'm Josh. I'm a photographer, consultant, and blogger based in Gilbert, Arizona. I love Jesus, my wife, and my family. I also enjoy good coffee, donuts, the outdoors, telling stories, and building things.

I started writing, building websites, and photography all around the age of nine years old. I'd "publish" sports magazines for my dad (with hand-drawn pictures, of course), and go to the library with my brother to go online and build websites on platforms like GeoCities. Another favorite thing to do was to take my little Kodak Star 110 or a disposable camera and take pictures of dogs, flowers, or prickly pear cacti.

These days, though, I have a professional-grade digital camera and build websites using HTML/CSS and WordPress. I also love to write, and enjoy meeting new people and businesses.

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