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Content Marketing and Photography

It just so happens that I love writing stories, but I also have years of technical writing experience. And even better, I have a professional grade camera and I know how to use it! This means I can offer unparalleled content marketing services to help you draw in customers!

But first, you may be asking, what is content marketing?

Content marketing is the production of content - whether it's a blog article, a newspaper or TV spot, a YouTube video, or an Instagram post - that shares knowledge. Notice I didn't say that content marketing is an advertisement. That's because content marketing is produced in a way that your product or brand is being put out there in a way that doesn't feel like an ad - almost like product placement in a movie.

That's why it's so good. Content marketing allows you to share about your brand, or your products and services, without overtly "selling" to your audience (because no one likes to be sold to). And it also helps your brand to build authority and credibility on the subject when you consistently post great content about it - which will gain the trust of readers and viewers.

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Content Marketing Services

I offer the following content marketing services:

Static website content: blurbs or posts on your website discussing your brand, products, or services that will always be there
WPL Inc. (Dairy Queen franchise): Way back in 2009, I developed this website for my boss, the owner of the local Dairy Queen franchise, from the ground up. I designed the layout, coded the website, took the pictures, and wrote the content. The blurb on the front page is a great example of static content. Note that this website is no longer active, but I uploaded a copy of it. Also note that there's not a mobile version of the site since it was developed so long ago, so it is best viewed on a desktop or laptop.

Blogging: This is one of the best methods for content marketing, because it involves frequent website updates - and Google likes frequent website updates! Plus, it gives you multiple opportunities to showcase your products, knowledge, or brand story!

Website development: If you need a website or need yours to be refreshed, I can design it for you. My expertise is primarily in the look of the website - while I know the basics of things like Search Engine Optimization, my time is typically focused on the look and feel.

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram posts. Again, I focus on the look and feel of the posts but not things like increasing followers. Click here, here, and here for examples.

Business photography: I specialize in building exterior/interior and professional headshot photography! Click here to see a recent example of my professional headshots.

Content Marketing services I don't officially offer at this time:

At this time, I don't directly offer search engine optimization, YouTube or video production, sales generation, social media engagement or audience building, or other related services. As we figure out your needs, we may be able to work one of these in naturally (for example, if we come up with a plan to post a particular type of social media content that it naturally builds engagement; or we decide to try to shoot a video as an addition to some photography, just to see how it turns out).

A Note About Brand Voice

Brand voice development is another area of my expertise, and it goes hand-in-hand with content marketing. Brand voice communicates the underlying characteristics of your products and services. Are you trustworthy? Untrustworthy? Are you targeting seasoned professionals? Younger adults? Are you transparent with your offerings? Are you taking an approach that is firendly and educational? Or squarely pointed at sales? These are just some of the questions we need to answer in developing your brand voice - before developing a content marketing strategy.

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More Consulting Areas

Content marketing and business photography often go hand-in-hand with other dynamics of business. Learn more about the other areas where I can help:

Coaching and Leadership Development

Communication and Brand Voice

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Training Solutions

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About Me

Hi! I'm Josh. I'm a photographer, consultant, and blogger based in Gilbert, Arizona. I love Jesus, my wife, and my family. I also enjoy good coffee, donuts, the outdoors, telling stories, and building things.

I started writing, building websites, and photography all around the age of nine years old. I'd "publish" sports magazines for my dad (with hand-drawn pictures, of course), and go to the library with my brother to go online and build websites on platforms like GeoCities. Another favorite thing to do was to take my little Kodak Star 110 or a disposable camera and take pictures of dogs, flowers, or prickly pear cacti.

These days, though, I have a professional-grade digital camera and build websites using HTML/CSS and WordPress. I also love to write, and enjoy meeting new people and businesses.

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